What Makes A Good, Trusted Advisor?

Aszure Gray

An “advisorship” is more than a simple mentorship – it is a relationship between your business and an external party that has a specific value to add. With this relationship comes an implied sense of expectations and reward. So what qualities should you look for when finding a trusted advisor? Read below for five traits that are commonly sought for in consultants throughout the business world.

They have a genuine interest in getting to know you & your business

Despite any other qualification, the consultant must be able to complement your organization. In order for an advisor be able to work smoothly with the business owner for success, they must be cross-functional and eager to learn about you and your business. Don’t expect a “perfect fit” though. You don’t want more of what you already have.

They have transferable skills

Cookie-cutter approaches are weak. A great consultant is able to…

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