Building the Bridge

A good read on the generational gap in today’s workplace. How will you bridge the gap?

Aszure Gray

Although there are a number of differences between each generation in the workplace, there are several ways to bridge the generational gap. Understanding each employee’s strengths and weaknesses is essential for today’s employer. Why should understanding the characteristics of each generation be any different? We’ve established that Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials each have specific traits and characteristics that differ from one another. Let’s focus in on these differences and explore opportunities in which these generations can be brought together.

Use multiple training styles.
Discussion groups, one-on-one coaching, feedback and online learning- each one of these training styles is an appropriate way to communicate with and train employees. A Gen Xer will respond more positively to a one-on-one meeting while a Millennial craves constant feedback and reassurance. Also, be sure to offer training topics that are appropriate for all experience levels. Millennial employees are (generally) more knowledgeable when it…

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