Dear Women Of All Ages, Here’s How Your Sensitive Nature Can Change Your Life

Teresa Sabatine


Ash Ashley Burgauer
December 13, 1985-August 29, 2013

As a little girl I was constantly made fun of.  I remember in 5th grade hearing the following things on a daily basis; “ew you’re so skinny,” “your hair is an afro”, “you’re so sensitive, quit being a baby”.  Imagine my poor mother when I’d come home from school, hide away in my room only for her to find out I was actually crying like a baby because “no one at school liked me”.  Catholic school kids can be brutal.

Luckily “your hair is an afro” translated into hair dressers drooling over my thick Italian locks as an adult (thanks Mom and Dad) and “ew you’re so skinny” meant I would still have my fast metabolism at 28, and it’s a good thing because I LOVE french fries. But the thing that stuck with me the most wasn’t the comment on…

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