What’s Your Social Media Personality?

If you’re an active social media user, chances are that you’re aware of your impact in the digital world. However, as with any other form of marketing, it’s important to realize the type of impact that you or your business is having online.

– How do your clients interpret your tone?
– Is your organizational “voice” being heard as you would like it to be heard?
– Is your content “share-worthy” and engaging?

Self-awareness is essential to an organization’s success, so understanding your tone and presence in the digital world is becoming increasingly vital.

A National SurveyMonkey survey commissioned by MyLife resulted in this infographic (left). While this interactive chart is geared toward personal social media use, there are elements that can certainly be interpreted into useful data for any organization.. Not forgetting that every business is, in fact, made up of several individual employees.

More often than not, personal accounts are looked upon as a reflection of the company of which that person is employed. Understanding and recognizing your social media “habits” won’t hurt. Taking time to assess and analyze should already be a part of your regular routine, despite the size or nature of your organization.

So dive in. You might find out that you shouldn’t spoil the end of that movie you just saw, or that your kid is too cute for your Facebook friends to handle. (But let’s be honest- can a kid reaaaally be too cute?)


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