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Well, this is it! I can finally reveal a project that I’ve been working on for quite some time.


This past December, one of my dear friends approached me about building a website for their up-and-coming band, FINALE. I must admit, I was nervous to accept. Don’t get me wrong- I am always willing to help a friend in need. However, I had only recently finished my HTML/CSS lessons (via Codecademy) and certainly didn’t want to promise a site more professional than I was capable of producing. But, there was a perk. Their website was (and is) going to be hosted through GoDaddy, something that I had never had the opportunity to play with.

So, after a touch of reassurance and an agreement to work side by side (figuratively speaking), I agreed to do my best to help the group out. I must say that I found GoDaddy to be quite simple to manipulate, once I got the hang of things. Unless you’re feeling insanely brave or know 150% what you’re doing, I would highly recommend utilizing their wide selection of templates. As with any template, there are only so many font options, but a quick remedy to this problem is uploading your own graphics. The photo editing services offered weren’t the best that I’ve seen, but they definitely weren’t the worst. Again, I found that it was best to do most of the editing on my own computer, but the uploading process was (fortunately) a breeze, even for my ol’ monster. (I have a VIAO PC laptop that refuses to function w/o being plugged in, freezes when you attempt to do too much at once, and is quite literally falling apart.)

For my first attempt at a website through a new hosting site, I’m fairly pleased. What matters most, though, is that the group is happy. I definitely love getting to play, and FINALE certainly handed me a box of fun. Anyway, be sure to head on over to their website and connect w. the group via social media. They’re a talented bunch, ready to make an impact in the music industry. I’ve included a teaser video below; you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for their music video launch in March. Enjoy!

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