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Silo: The Arrival

Yesterday, Maranda and I arrived at Kirkland Farm with the opportunity to participate in the Silo Guest Artist Residency. After driving ten hours through the night, it was refreshing to arrive on location and explore the property. It’s a fully functioning farm- horses, cows, little (and massive) pups running around, and, obviously, several barns. Quaint, cozy, and filled with inspiration.

Naturally, I’ll post photos and videos soon. But for now, just know that since we’ve arrived, four pieces have been born. Some will last longer than others, but it’s all about process, exploration, and discovery. What happens will happen; we can’t ask for anything more.

So, for now, I’m going to pamper my sore limbs with excessive amounts of Aleve, Tylenol Extra Strength, and sea salt gelato topped with bananas. I’m obviously assuming that the latter of the three will be equally as effective as the first two options. So long, farewell,¬†auf Wiedersehen, good night.

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Well, this is it! I can finally reveal a project that I’ve been working on for quite some time.


This past December, one of my dear friends approached me about building a website for their up-and-coming band, FINALE. I must admit, I was nervous to accept. Don’t get me wrong- I am always willing to help a friend in need. However, I had only recently finished my HTML/CSS lessons (via Codecademy) and certainly didn’t want to promise a site more professional than I was capable of producing. But, there was a perk. Their website was (and is) going to be hosted through GoDaddy, something that I had never had the opportunity to play with.

So, after a touch of reassurance and an agreement to work side by side (figuratively speaking), I agreed to do my best to help the group out. I must say that I found GoDaddy to be quite simple to manipulate, once I got the hang of things. Unless you’re feeling insanely brave or know 150% what you’re doing, I would highly recommend utilizing their wide selection of templates. As with any template, there are only so many font options, but a quick remedy to this problem is uploading your own graphics. The photo editing services offered weren’t the best that I’ve seen, but they definitely weren’t the worst. Again, I found that it was best to do most of the editing on my own computer, but the uploading process was (fortunately) a breeze, even for my ol’ monster. (I have a VIAO PC laptop that refuses to function w/o being plugged in, freezes when you attempt to do too much at once, and is quite literally falling apart.)

For my first attempt at a website through a new hosting site, I’m fairly pleased. What matters most, though, is that the group is happy. I definitely love getting to play, and FINALE certainly handed me a box of fun. Anyway, be sure to head on over to their website and connect w. the group via social media. They’re a talented bunch, ready to make an impact in the music industry. I’ve included a teaser video below; you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for their music video launch in March. Enjoy!

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